Sweden’s Best-Kept Secrets

From local girl Ida Josefin Erikkson

By Ida Josefin Eriksson

Ida lives in a cute archipelago town called Nynäshamn in Stockholm. She is an entrepreneur and a full-time blogger on adaras.se. Ida has a passion for fashion, travel, food and beauty products. Her Sweden secrets:

I have lived in Stockholm for 5 years. From my apartment/home window, I can see a hill, grocery store and a hint of the ocean. A typical Stockholm breakfast is knäckebröd (crisp bread) with butter, cheese and cucumber, served with black coffee.

Food and drinks you must try when you come to Stockholm

Köttbullar (meatballs), pickled herring, Absolute Vodka and surströmming (fermented soured baltic herring – if you dare). If you are in Sweden at Christmas you must also try glögg, a mulled red wine with cloves, cinnamon and sugar.

A coffee and pastry would cost you about 70 SEK (about $7) in my city.

I would describe the people of Sweden as very friendly and very helpful. People are a bit
shy, or rather, reserved at first but are much more open and social once you get to know them. The best way to make friends with a local is to take the first step to approach the Sweden and start a conversation.

For bargain shopping, my favourite shop is the Swedish brand H&M. For high-end shopping, I always go to NK, Nordiska Kompaniet in Stockholm.

My favourite place for a dinner date in Stockholm is Gute Grill & Bar. It’s such a cosy place with fantastic food!

The liveliest night spot in Stockholm is Sturecompagniet and Café Opera.

One spot where I can spend hours in Stockholm is in the magnificent Stockholm archipelago.

When I am feeling low, my city comforts me with Gamla Stan (Old Town). It the Stockholm’s
original city centre and dates from the 13th century. It’s like a glorious labyrinth with
charming cobbled streets and alleyways. It’s impossible to not smile when you are in the

No one should leave Stockholm without seeing The Royal Palace, Vasa Museum, Gamla Stan
and Djurgården.

One thing you should never do in Stockholm is to throw litter on the street. You will be
declared as a public enemy if you’re caught and the police have the right to give an
immediate fine.

In summer, Stockholm’s greatest pleasures are to take a boat out into the archipelago, a trip
out to Drottningholm, take a fika at an outdoor café on Södermalm and have a picnic in the
beautiful park Djurgården.

If you are visiting Stockholm, here is what you should pack in your suitcase: a travel adapter, warm clothes and a camera.

One thing I wish I could change about Stockholm: add more colour! The city is sometimes so
gray. Especially when it’s winter.

My city looks most beautiful when it’s summer.

I love Stockholm because it’s such a gorgeous and clean city. I love the atmosphere and how
easy it is to move around in the city. The light in the summer is also fantastic, it never really
gets dark.

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