The Lovely Lake Garda, Italy

A picturesque sunset spot

Our Italy Correspondent Paola Peruzzo lives in the beautiful town of Padova, Italy,  about 40 km west of Venice. She is a clinical pedagogist and correspondent for a Swiss periodical of art, culture and society. She is passionate about classical & world music and photography. Always curious and enthusiastic, Paola likes to travel and explore different countries.

Here is a secret from her:

“North-west of Verona is Lake Garda, the biggest lake in Italy.”

In order to fully appreciate the Lake’s beauty, leave your car and take a trip on ferries, choosing itineraries which include almost all the ports on the Veronese shoreline where you can take spectacular snap-shots of the scenery.” Just looking at the photos she sent us makes us want to fly there in a jiffy!

Totally enchanted, we researched Lake Garda a bit more and found this gem on

“Sirmione, the jewel of the southern shore, is without doubt the most popular Lake Garda town, with visitors thronging to see the picturesque town centre on the Sirmione peninsula and to take the short walk to the ruins of a Roman villa past the more modern thermal baths. The Roman ruins also offer a fabulous lake view.”

The Internet tells us that it is possible to drive around the lake, thus making it accessible by car, apart from the usual boating services.

Three towns of Verona, Trentino and Brescia guard the lake on three sides, each with its own story to tell. These towns are perfect to satiate your hiking fantasies, while also being the ideal places to stay at if you want to catch a quick glimpse of the Lake Garda.

Want in on more such interesting travel secrets? Keep an eye on this space, and follow us for more! Here are some other hidden Mediterranean gems which we managed to get hold of.

Featured image courtesy : Luigi’s Travel Tips

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