7 Best Breakfast Places in Bengaluru

Starring hot favourites idli, dosa and much more!

by Abigail Sylvester

In Bengaluru, there’s an Udupi or a Darshini every 500 metres or so; no-frills restaurants that serve super-satisfying idli and dosa. But besides these old favourites, a whole bunch of breakfast places have popped up in the city. Loosen your belts and join us on a delicious tour!

First, the classics:

Mavallli Tiffin Rooms (MTR)

MTR is one of the oldest and most well-known restaurants in Bengaluru. They have branches all over the world in places like London, Singapore and Dubai but the best one is the first branch ever opened in 1924, on Lalbagh Road. Dining here is quite the experience. You are taken into a maze of rooms and ushered to old wooden tables. MTR is one of the cleanest restaurants despite how old it is. Waiters enter the room with about 5 plates of food balanced precariously over their arms. The dosas are served with small bowls of melted ghee. Their breakfast combo comes with a little of all the breakfast items they serve. Without doubt, it is the best option for someone looking to try a variety of South Indian food.

Breakfast at MTR
MTR – established in 1924

Airlines hotel

Airlines Hotel is iconic for many reasons. It is one of Bengaluru’s oldest restaurants. You know it’s good when Rahul Gandhi himself had to stop by for breakfast on his most recent trip to Bangalore. It is located in the heart of the city and its lush green ambience is one of the most attractive things about it. What makes it unique is its drive-in concept. Once you pull into the parking, waiters come to your car to take your order and your food is brought right to you. Make sure to try their masala dosa, washed down with a steaming cup of filter coffee.

Breakfast at Airlines

Bengaluru does brunch unlike anywhere else I’ve seen. Besides South Indian food, there are a ton of other breakfast options with cuisines from around the world. My pick of the city’s best:

Glen’s Bakehouse

Tucked away on a street in Lavelle Road, Glen’s Bakehouse is a quaint Europe-inspired café that serves some of the most delicious continental food. Stop by for a butter croissant paired with one of their rich cappuccinos or an eggs benedict served with freshly roasted potato wedges. I also highly recommend their round-the-clock breakfast and their special weekend breakfast combo.

Glen's Breakfast

154 breakfast club

This breakfast spot is located in Koramangala, an area famous for its variety of restaurants and its IT crowd. Indulge in their hearty ham and cheese croissant and some of the best Nutella waffles the city has to offer. My brunch recommendations are the Three-way breakfast platter that comes with syrup-soaked pancakes, bacon and eggs and the Meat your Maker breakfast platter that is a non-vegetarian’s delight.

Bistro Claytopia

Located in Koramangala, Bistro Claytopia is one of the most creative dining experiences in the city. It is a pottery studio where customers get to paint items of all sorts while eating. They have an all-day breakfast menu, making it the perfect spot for brunch with friends. For a classic English breakfast experience, we recommend the Country Roads Take Me Home platter. I also recommend their Wowy Waffles and the Bistro chicken omelette.

Church Street Social

Located in Bengaluru’s very own Church Street, Social is perfect for family brunch or a quick catch-up with friends. Try  Sid’s Very posh breakfast, which is perfect for sharing or the Pancake Saddlebags for a unique, delicious option. They have a variety of breakfast trays that showcase a variety of western and Indian food. The ambience and modern décor is sure to please all.


No Bengaluru breakfast piece is complete without a mention of the iconic Koshy’s. It began as a bakery in the 1940s and still serves some of the tastiest Danish. It is located on St Mark’s Road and is filled with people reminiscing about their youth here over a Koshy’s special coffee. The menu is by far one of the most extensive in the city, serving dishes of all cuisines. Their breakfast snack menu includes a variety of simple, yet delicious breakfast foods that everyone looks forward to. Their extensive sandwich menu is sure to make your mouth water.

Church Street Social PC: https://www.socialoffline.in/ChurchStreetSocial/

Featured video credit : EXPLORE YRS

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