Bangalore Creative Circus

A mind-blowing medley of earth-friendly ideas

A row of beer bottles lines a garden patch. Eggshells play planters. Beer cans and funnels are reborn as lights. A stunning art installation is created using old pipes. Western commodes and rusty see-saws become dining chairs. Prepare to be blown away! You are entering Bangalore Creative Circus (BCC)

This incredible space used to be an old steel warehouse. Today, it is an innovation paradise, where art meets design and sustainable ideas abound.

Over To Manisha Vinod, Co-Founder, of Bangalore Creative Circus (BCC)

“What are we leaving behind for the future generation? This question was amplified in my mind when I had a lovely little baby girl. I had always been keen to do my bit to save the planet. 

We rented this glorious empty 20,000-square-foot shed in the heart of Yeshwantpur, a few months before the first wave of Covid. During the lockdown, we actively used our time to connect with diverse stakeholders in the field of conscious living, focus on digital identity and brainstorm on what form our idea would eventually take. 

We decided to call ourselves Bangalore Creative Circus (BCC), since each of us came from different backgrounds, with varied skill sets, bound together by the common goal of giving “Hope for Bengaluru,” through creative solutions. Our effort is based on three simple guiding principles: Earth Care, People Care & Fair Share. We, therefore, work collaboratively with various organisations and individuals at BCC and grow together.

We organically seem to attract a certain group of people who each want to “do good” in their own way. Meeting all these talented folk has been the best part of my journey in making BCC what it is today.

As you walk around, everywhere you look, you have something to look at. The quirky decor of BCC comes to live in a very eye-pleasing way with its mishmash of colours and different art installations completely using repurposed waste materials.

Visiting Bangalore Creative Circus? And You Must!

“You are welcome to go through the grand tour, understand our ethos and vision and tell us how you like to contribute (based on your skill sets!),” says Manisha. “You are always welcome to volunteer at any of our many events, or even get your hands dirty in our beautiful gardens. Children love BCC and can be seen here having delightful creative fun.

The Circus Canteen is one of the rare places where we have re-invented the concept of Farm to Table. Everything is grown in-house right in front of you. The Chef changes the menu seasonally and each dish is prepared using fresh, chemical-free ingredients. We are a zero-waste, pocket-pleasing kitchen. The canteen has a cute library where you can engage in reading. Alone or with friends, you are going to love being here!”

Events at BCC

  • Community events (Farmers’ Markets, Thrift PopUps, Fitness Days)
  • Cultural performances (theatre, music, dance, movement), 
  • Offbeat workshops (Qi Gong, Sharing Circles, Mentalism, Indigenous Instrument workshops, Zine making, Journaling etc.)
  • Workshops on urban farming methods (aquaponics, hydroponics, permaculture)
  • Art jams, up-cycling seminars, art exhibitions and many more.

Walking into BCC does more than awaken the senses and kickstart the imagination. It invites you to play an active part in creating a happier, healthier planet while having fun. What could be more rewarding?

Bangalore Creative Circus is open to the public, from 11 am to 7 pm, from Tuesday to Sunday. No entry fee. For details, follow their Instagram page @blrcreativecircus

Research & Interview: Drisya Fernandes from Team Travel Secrets

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