Liechtenstein: You Can Explore This Entire Country in Just 48 Hours

A micro marvel indeed!

Impossible you said? Not when we are talking about Liechtenstein. 

Map of Liechtenstein

At just 160 sq. km, lovely Liechtenstein lies between Switzerland and Austria; an easy one-hour drive or train ride from Zurich. Its population is a little over 35,000. The nation has no airport. It maintains no military.

But why would you want to go to so small a place at all?

Precisely because it is among the world’s top 5 micro nations, with some of the highest living standards and boasting the most magnificent scenery (two-thirds of the land covered by the snow-capped Alps)

Despite its small size, Liechtenstein offers some staggering pleasures – skiing across the lovely Upper Rhine valley, cycling down a flower-laden trail, plunging into a cold-water lake, and tasting the finest wine from the royal cellar.

Liechtenstein is a hiker’s haven due to its Alpine scenery and charming towns and villages. Some of the hikes we recommend are the Princes’ way hike and if for history buffs, The Eschnerberg Trail

The locals know it as LIFE, the Liechtenstein Festival, and it offers another offbeat experience to seek out while visiting. This two-day festival, held in the month of June, brims with music, dance, and all the food you can dream of. Make sure to plan your trip to the city of Schaan during this time of year.

Liechtenstein palace

We checked for accommodation options and were delighted to find Hotel Meierhof. It is a four-star property with fabulous views for a peak-season tariff of just about Rs. 10,000 a night. We spotted some homey Bed-and-Breakfasts and Mountain Huts, enchanting and affordable.

Oh, and they even have a prince who lives in a 700-year-old castle atop a rock.

Castle in Liechtenstein

We’re already in love with this fairy tale land: aren’t you?

NoteWhile we make every effort to keep the information current, do check for updates before you travel.

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