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Socca: A Popular Street Treat in Coastal France

You’ll love this rustic chickpea flatbread

If you travel to Nice, France, an enchanting coastal city, you will soon see a socca booth at the marketplace. Watch the pouring of batter into a massive shallow skillet, where it rapidly transforms into a luscious golden pancake.

Made primarily with chickpea flour and olive oil – ingredients plentiful around the Mediterranean – Socca is a quick, cheap, and delightful snack served along the French part of the coast and all the way into Liguria in Italy, where it goes by the name Farinata. We enjoyed the hot delicacy of the stands in Nice, where it originated. Our verdict: it is addictive, and if you’re travelling on a budget, it’s a filling vegan treat! 

Socca - A popular French dish
Socca – A popular French dish

How They Make Socca

An authentic socca is to be baked over a fire. The crackling socca is known to rack as it bakes and is served hot. When the oven unleashes the colossal disk, it goes straight to your table or plops into your hands in a flash! Get ready to have your taste buds tantalised by its irresistible and mouthwatering charm. Get ready for a delightful adventure for your taste buds! Don’t wait—dive right in! Pair with a chilled rosé.

Stone oven used to cook Socca

And now, a little secret of our own: we make something similar to socca in India. People lovingly refer to it as cheela or poora, a mouthwatering creation crafted with the finest chickpea flour. We make this with a thinnish batter of chickpea flour, water, salt, red chilli powder (we’re Indian!), and powdered cumin. When indulging in this scrumptious delight, make sure to enjoy it with a dollop of mint and cilantro chutney for an extra kick of flavour and fun!

Cheela, Indian version of Socca
Indian Cheela

More than just a street meal, this is a culinary and cultural treasure that captures the essence of France’s coast. This delicacy promises an exceptional culinary experience, whether you’re organising a trip to the French Riviera or want to experiment with new flavours at home. Immerse yourself in the Socca universe and let this golden pancake take you to the sunny streets and thriving marketplaces of coastal France. Good appetite!

Hungry for more on Socca? Find more information here and here.

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