How to Have a Spotless Trek

Our clean and simple guide

By Aarohi Roy

“Dude! You stink.” You don’t want to hear that when you’re trekking, right? Here are some ways to maintain cleanliness and have a spotless trek.

As an amateur backpacker, it’s hard to adhere to or even know the rules of cleanliness when in a forest. So, I researched and found that there are quite a few ways to sustain cleanliness on your outdoor travels. And hence, the next time I plan on camping out, I am going to be well prepared.

Have a spotless trek

For starters, maintaining cleanliness doesn’t have to be an uphill task (we think the trek serves that purpose well enough.) Hence, have you ever heard of Isopropyl alcohol? This alcohol-based compound is a life saver that lets you clean without water. Carry a small bottle of this and a few cotton balls; you’re all set for a grime-free trek. If you’ve seen—‘Eat. Pray. Love’—the movie, there is a scene when Julia Robert’s Italian housekeeper pours a kettle of hot water in her bath and says that it’ll clean all parts that NEED to be cleaned. Well, the alcohol is similar.

Cleanliness and Trekking

When water is available, bathe as many times you can but don’t use soaps in rivers—Nature has issues with soaps. Also, if you come across multiple rivers and creeks in a day, don’t lose the chance to at least dip your feet in them. Yes, yes, just your feet. Did you know there are at least 20 common diseases caused by unkempt feet? Also, every time you soak and dry your feet, you can rotate your socks.

Did you know that cosmetics and perfumes attract wild animals? So does toothpaste. So brush your teeth far from your tents and stomp when you spit. The soil is the best cover up. And always, always be safe while drinking or eating fruits because the juice—if spilled—will attract mosquitoes. Mosquitoes will make you fall sick quicker than anything else in the forest.

If odour is a problem, switch to light-weight wool or silver-embedded clothing. Change your clothes while sleeping, and hanging the day’s clothes—helps with odour. If you still stink, that’s what the isopropyl alcohol is for!

There have been times when I’ve wondered how in Jurassic Park and Lord of The Rings, people stay clean and healthy—seems it’s pretty easy, isn’t it?

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