What It’s Like to Live in Lublin , Poland

Sounds like a beautiful place to live in

By Mayank Anand

Lublin is a vibrant student city in Poland. An amalgamation of various cultures makes it unique. More than 800,000 people live here. Traffic is moderate. The city is quite calm. Corn Poppy, a flower with four vivid red petals is plentiful here.

Every morning, I wake up to a serene sunrise, framed in my window. A typical breakfast here in Lublin is Pierogi (dumpling with various fillings like potato, cheese, meat), eggs and oats. Every evening, I love to take a stroll or go for a jog at Ogrod Saski, the oldest public park in the city.


Ours is a city of early risers. In summer, my city comes alive with people and events, especially during Corpus Christi and Lajkonik Festival, featuring a colourful traditional parade). I am 20 years old and enjoy going out with my friends in the evenings.

My favourite places in the city are as follows:

Best cup of coffee: 2 Pier Café

Best bar: Ostro Pub

My city looks most beautiful when the sun sets. The sky drapes itself in an assortments of red, orange and yellow while the land below blooms with the vibrancy of different races. When I am unhappy and need some peace, my city comforts me with its famous beer: Warka and Okocim, best paired with Pierogis.


The city’s loveliest street is Castle Square. It is usually crowded in the evenings as couples, friends love to go for a stroll and buy some goodies on their way back. For bargain shopping, I would recommend Biedronka and for high-end purchases, you should head to Tarasy Zamkowe.

In the evening, my city looks calm and beautiful and my apartment fills up with the soft light of the setting sun and sounds of birds chirping. I like to cook chicken for dinner. A typical city weekend is never complete without Szarlotka, a vodka and apple juice cocktail with a couple of friends.


People are helpful and the diversity along with comradeship is a rare phenomenon these days. Not enough can be said about my city’s dynamic weather—it looks as if it swings according to its moods. All in all, I love my city because it’s a city of calmness.

Mayank Anand spoke to Jhalak Mehra from Travel Secrets .

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