Jamshedpur, Jharkhand: Secrets from a Local

Where to eat, shop and chill in the Steel City.

By Summi Mahato

Ours is a city of early risers and people are always in a hurry. Every morning, I wake up to vehicles honking and sunlight filtering into my window.  

It takes me 75 minutes by car to reach my workplace, which is Narayan House (Fashion Studio, Bhuvneshwari Green Estate) in Jamshedpur. A typical breakfast in our part of the world is Litti Chokha & Malpua. 

My favourite places in the city are:

Best pizza: Pizza Puram (Sonari)

For the best cup of coffee: Cafe Regal in Bharucha Mansion


Best local cuisine: Litti Chokha & tender bamboo shoot, a local delicacy

The Best bar: Double Down

Best bakery: Brown Bunch Bakery

Some of the restaurants, pubs and bars that the people of my city love, and you won’t find in most guidebooks are Relish Bakery in Bistupur & Zosh Bar.

I do most of my shopping at Kalimati Street because you can find good deals and amazing handicrafts, I would recommend Bistupur and Sakchi markets, too. For high-end purchases, head to P&M Hi-Tech City Centre Mall. It is one of the largest malls in eastern India. 

I usually go to Dimna Lake and Hudco Lake when I’m feeling blue and need some peace of mind. Both are quiet and beautiful.


In the evening, my city looks magnificent with hues of orange in the sky and my apartment fills up with the chirping of the birds. I love to take a stroll at night because the roads are no longer jammed and it is calm outside.

Home to lakhs of people, my city is happy and comfortable, despite its big and little obstacles. The varied shades of weather which you can see it in a single day make me fall in love with my city all over again.

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