7 Incredible Indian Cities

They are probably not on your travel list, but should be

From Rajasthan to Karnataka, India is packed with places that can easily be called hidden gems. We picked 7 Indian cities and towns that will enchant you with their stunning architecture, delicious cuisine and natural beauty.

Gadag – Betageri , Karnataka 

Gadag Betageri are twin Indian cities located in the Gadag district of Karnataka. It is a 7-hour drive from Bengaluru and just 60 km from Hubli.

For starters, this is the birthplace of India’s music maestro, Bharat Ratna Pandit Bhimsen Joshi. Lovers of history and architecture will find a treasury of temples to explore here. The Trikuteshwara Temple boasts ornate cravings and pillars dating back to the Rashtrakuta era. The 1117 AD Veera Narayana Temple, dedicated to Lord Vishnu, is a standing example of diverse architectural styles. More than 34 medieval inscriptions discovered in Gadag are proof that it was an important seat of learning in the olden times.

Toss an orange from Gadag and it will land in Dambal, known for its lush fruit belt and a generous sprinkling of ancient temples. Betageri is famous for its handloom industry, so keep time and a budget for that. As for food, Gadag rivals the best in Karnataka for local cuisine—eggplant fritters or baingan bajji are a hot favourite here.

Indian Cities

Alwar, Rajasthan

The city of Alwar is located about three hours from the city of Jaipur.

Alwar is a haven for architecture lovers, from the Bala Quila to the City Palace. The Bhangarh Fort is also an intriguing location to visit since it offers a fusion of local folklore, history, and architecture. Apart from the stunning buildings, this region is famous for its beer production and surprisingly, the manufacture of Ray Ban sunglasses.

Alwar is famous for its decadent Alwar ka mawa and kalakand. Make sure you don’t miss out on the variety of Rajasthani snacks and handicrafts the city has to offer. Alwar has some of India’s best terracotta statues, bangles, Mojaris and Juttis.

Indian Cities

Rajkot, Gujarat

Gujarat’s Rajkot is about a four-and-a-half-hour drive from the city of Ahmedabad. The city has some of the most welcoming locals. It is one of the safest Indian cities for solo female travellers.

The city has the Rotary International Dolls Museum and The Watson Museum making it the perfect family-friendly destination. Rajkot is a shopaholic’s paradise. The Gujari Bazar carries everything from textiles to artefacts. Don’t miss the Bandhani Sarees and shawls that make perfect gifts for your loved ones.

Indian Cities

Kalpetta, Kerala

Kalpetta in Kerala is a honeymooner’s dream. It is a short 25-minute drive from the city of Waynad.

The coffee and tea farms are hard to miss here. They sell a variety of flavoured beverages that make great souvenirs. The neighbouring Wayanad Animal Sanctuary is an experience for all ages and is perfect for a day trip. Hiking, camping, and zip-lining make it the ideal vacation spot for adventure seekers as well.

Take a tour of the Eddakal caves to see South India’s first Stone Age carvings on its walls. Don’t miss the delectable Kerala meals also known as Sadhya,while visiting.

Indian Cities

Mau, Uttar Pradesh

 The city of Mau is about a four-hour drive from the main city of Lucknow. Its sarees with Zari work and Kashidakari work are popular choices for brides all over India, which makes this the perfect destination for all your wedding needs. Mau features a number of interesting temples and ashrams. The Chhoti Devkali Temple in the neighbouring district makes a good one-day trip. It is a prominent religious landmark that draws pilgrims from all nearby states. Don’t forget to indulge in the city’s extensive variety of street food.

Seoni, Madhya Pradesh

Seoni in Madhya Pradesh is a three-hour drive from the main city of Jabalpur. It can be reached by bus, train or car. This city shares a border with Maharashtra, which has a huge influence on its food. Pick up a box of Kunde Ke Pede when you visit, as they make the perfect gift for your loved ones.

This city was the original inspiration for Rudyard Kipling’s “The Jungle Book”. Pench National Park is a popular spot for their exhilarating safaris. The Shiva temple in the Seoni Hills is the ideal getaway for history buffs. The town is the perfect place for peace and quiet, away from the noise and chaos of city life.

Salem, Tamil Nadu 

Salem in Tamil Nadu is about six hours away from its capital city, Chennai. It is the ideal getaway, offering stunning gardens, tranquil lakes, and lush green hills.  Whether you consider yourself a foodie or not, you will enjoy the mouthwatering Kotthu Parottas as well as some of the best mangoes India has to offer. Stop by the Agrini Dam and enjoy a picnic with a view and the Yercaud Hill stations for views right out of a movie.

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