San Francisco

Why I Love Living in San Francisco, California

A heartfelt ode by a local

By Rhythm Mehta

San Francisco is potentially the very best place on earth if you’re willing and able to afford it. The city is walkable. Whether I’m heading to college, work, hitting the gym, or meeting friends for a meal, I’m almost always walking. This feels great: there are no insurmountable traffic jams when you’re on foot. The exercise, especially going up and down hills, means I shed a good bit of weight within a few months of moving in.

It’s liberating to have so much of what I want within walking distance, the best perk of San Francisco, is city life.

San Francisco pavement
A pedestrian-friendly city

The city of San Francisco is also beautiful. Crest a hill and you’ll often get a view all the way out and across the bay. A gorgeous blue sky framing Alcatraz island turns into just another thing you see sometimes. There’s a decent amount of trees.

We’ve got lovely parks, both large and tiny. Save for the Financial District, the buildings aren’t tall or oppressive. You get a city life without feeling cut off entirely from nature. And the food. The amazing food. There’s a lot to eat here! A wide variety of ethnic food for sure.

San Francisco: a city for food lovers

Rich competition drives up quality while lowering prices. You can definitely spend as much as you want on grub in the city – there’s no shortage of fancy stuff but it’s really surprising how much you can get for very little money.

I also have to say the people are pretty damn good. Lots of kind folks across all walks of life. Courtesy is the default assumption, as even drivers are indulgent of the most blatant jaywalker. (Cyclists are less friendly, but they have more stress to manage.). San Francisco is my city and I love it as it is. Urbanly friendly, San Francisco, city life.

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