6 Local Specialties To Buy in Gujarat

From paintings to patola sarees and much more!

The friendly Indian state of Gujarat epitomises the beauty and diversity of India. Known as the land of legends, it is home to historical giants such as Mahatma Gandhi and Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel. The people of Gujarat welcome you with the traditional greeting Aavo Padharo: joined hands and open hearts. 

From wildlife sanctuaries and desert areas to hillside resorts, temple towns, and beaches, this state is a treasure trove of incredible experiences. When in Gujarat, there are two things you just cannot miss – gorging on delicious vegetarian food and shopping. Walk through one of the many colourful bazaars and handicraft shops, shop for souvenirs to take back home, and end your day with hot masala tea and khaman dhokla. From textiles to traditional handicraft items, you’re spoilt for choice when it comes to picking local buys. Here are a few of the best.

Patola Silk Sarees

Made in Patan, Patola silk sarees are double ikat weaves made from fine silk. Patola sarees were traditionally worn only by royalty and those with noble blood. The creation of Patola silk sarees is quite labour-intensive. From start to finish, each saree takes at least six months to a year to be made. Available in most Gujarati city markets, Patola sarees tend to be expensive, but are well worth the price.

Making Patola silk sarees is an intensive labour of love

Bandhej/Bandhani Cloth

An iconic part of Gujarati culture and tradition, bandhani or bandhej material is tie-dyed with a crushed finish. With a variety of tie-dye patterns and colours, bandhani is a local favourite that is used to create garcholas and panetars for weddings, pagdis or turbans, salwar-kameez, dupattas, scarves, waistbands for men, kurtas, stoles, and sarees. Jamnagar is one of the cities famous for bandhani fabric with bright embroidery. Chokidal bandhani squares with animal motifs to use as scarves and stoles or kambaliya patterns with elegantly designed borders: take your pick!

Traditional Bandhani or Bandhej saree

Mata-ni-pachedi Paintings

Even if you do not have religious leanings, mata-ni-pachedi paintings are enchanting enough to display in your house. These ritualistic Kalamkari paintings are of two varieties – paintings on the cloth of the Mother Goddess, that master artisans craft by hand, and the less expensive block printed versions with fine filigree designs. The designs use vegetable colour extracts and other natural paints. Fun fact: Gujarat is the oldest centre for block printing in the world.

Lacquered Toys

The talented artisans of Gujarat produce a range of lacquered wooden products including bangles and toys. A number of towns like Sankheda, Idar, and Nirona are famous for their wooden toys, dandiya/dance sticks, and other handcrafted wooden toys. Made to represent animals like cows and elephants, these lacquered toys are perfect souvenirs, whether you want to display them in your home or gift them to little ones.

Most markets in Gujarat sell a plethora of lacquered wooden toys and other handicraft items

Embroidered Cushion Covers

Embroidery Sheesha Abhala Bhara - Free photo on Pixabay

Gujarat has a rich variety of traditional embroidery. You can get blouse pieces, embroidered stoles, as well as detailed inimitable cushion covers. Kutchi embroidery is done on Mushroo silk, and the mirrorwork on these cushion covers is exemplary. Other embroidery styles to look out for are Sakri, Bhavariyo, Abhlya mirrorwork, Neran, etc.

Khadi Clothes and Handicrafts

Khadi is more than just a type of cloth in India it is the symbol of the movement toward independence of the country. Made popular by Mahatma Gandhi who used to spin khadi on his charkha/wheel, this cloth is just as popular in Gujarat today. The fabric itself is versatile, slightly coarse, breathable, and durable. Available in the form of kurtas, western shirts, skirts, trousers, sarees, etc. khadi would make a unique and historical souvenir for folks back home.


From Vadodara to Palitana, you will find a number of indigenous handicrafts that you can get as souvenirs. When here, do not miss the chance of eating Gujarati snacks or farsaan – take some with you for a taste of Gujarat with homemade tea. Snacks like muthia, khandvi, dhokla, fafda, ganthia, and sweets like ghari, peda, maghaz, and halwa are good options. They taste great and carry well for long periods while travelling. Aavo padharo!

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