7 Interesting Things to See and Do in Sofia, Bulgaria

From culture to nature; food to fun


  Sofia, Bulgaria is best known for its rich background in the arts, bringing in enthusiasts of dance, Roman architecture and even theater  from all over the world.  From the stunning architecture to the quaint cafes, here is our pick of Sofia’s best attractions.

 The Sofia Zoo

The Sofia Zoo is one of the many main attractions at the heart of the city. They have a wide variety of animals, some of which can only be found in this particular region. The zoo is family-friendly and has an exhibit where trees and plants are studied and showcased. A truly immersive experience.

Sofia Zoo In Bulgaria

A Bike Tour To The Rila Monastery

Take a scenic bike ride through the forested mountains on the outskirts of Sofia, all the way to Rila Monastery. It was declared a UNESCO heritage site and rightfully so. The breath-taking architecture and its surroundings reveal a lot about the lives of the people during medieval times.  

Rila Monastery ; Sofia, Bulgaria

An Afternoon at The Borisova Gradina Park

The Borisova Gradina park is one of the oldest Bulgarian parks. It has something for all ages including nature trails, picnic spots and vast wildlife. You’ll see numerous statues and busts all along. Peppered with small lakes, the park has a number of cafes and even tennis courts. Be sure to check out the art gallery located next to it.

Borisova Gradina park : Sofia, Bulgaria

Spend A Day At The Kokolandia Amusement Park

This amusement park is a must visit, especially for families. It offers obstacle courses, trampolines and various other adventurous activities for all to try. It is located just outside of the city and is easily accessible.

Kokolandia amusement park ; Sofia, Bulgaria

Visit The Banya Bashi Mosque

 Sofia had up to 70 separate mosques under Ottoman rule. Today, however, the Banya Bashi Mosque is Sofia’s sole operational mosque, and among the oldest in Europe. The mosque’s interior is a brilliant constellation of amazing calligraphy, geometric designs and gorgeous tile work. The mosque welcomes people of all faiths. Fun fact: “banya” means bath in Bulgarian. The mosque has the ruins of a hammam next door.

Banya Bashi Mosque : Sofia, Bulgaria

Dinner And A Folklore Show

Bulgaria has several restaurants that offer authentic regional food along with a traditional Bulgarian folklore show. They offer a three-course meal along with a table-side performance. A once-in-a-lifetime experience.

 A folklore show

“Sit” Down At A Klek Shop

A traditional Klek shop ( ‘Klek’ means ‘to squat’ in Bulgarian) is a small, basement shop with an above ground window to interact with customers. They are native to the country . They sell a wide variety of items including groceries, baked goods and alcohol and are definitely worth checking out.

Klek shop

Research: Abigail Sylvester

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