2 Wonderful Water Parks in Pattaya, Thailand

Go Make a Splash!

The next time you visit Pattaya, ditch the predictable stuff. Instead dive into a lazy River or whoosh down a slide that has more twists than a jumbled-up python! The water parks around the city are so enjoyable and it would be a shame to miss them. Pattaya has the perfect remedy to battle the humid climate that makes your skin itch and it comes in the form of 2 epic water parks!

With 50 slides and attractions in a 184,000 square metre area, Ramayana Water Park is the best and the biggest in Pattaya, in fact in all of Thailand. A short and pleasant drive south of the busy city; and a world of splash pools, giant waves and private cabanas await you! Take your entire brood along or at least a couple of friends, to max up the fun.

My friend and I floated off in a donut shaped boat, and the river bobbed me along at an almost frustratingly gentle pace…I mean, one simply isn’t used to this level of relaxation! Along the waterway, we saw bubbly kids with happily flushed cheeks and a handsome foreigner who lay so still he could well be driftwood. With my eyes closed, and the gentle water carrying me along, surrounded by laughter and fun, the only thought that escapes me is ” Ah this is life”!!

Ramayana water park is built up to international standards of safety, with an excellent facility. Using top-notch gear and pure well water, the park meets needs effectively, maximizing the fun and enjoyment for everyone. From safety, adventure and a delicious lunch buffet, the park has everything! A pro tip, arrive 30 minutes before the opening time of the park to make the best of your day.

Amazon Cartoon Network Waterpark/ Columbia Pictures Aquaverse

Not far from here is another paradise, but one that holds a totally different kind of vibe. Hailed as the world’s first cartoon network themed park, Amazone, which underwent a rebranding in 2021 as Columbia Pictures Aquaverse is an amazing zone indeed. And I wasn’t about to miss out on the fun because what better way to enjoy adventure than by joining Powerpuff girls, Ben 10 and the rest of the gang at the Cartoonival Zone! Or maybe if you want to lean more into movies and tv shows, worry not, because attractions based on Jumanji, Zombieland and Ghostbusters await you and are packed with unlimited fun!

Dive into a world of Thrill and Family Fun!

With your hands up, get ready to scream through hair-raising drops and splash along wild curves as you go down three darkened alien space shuttles. I would suggest taking along, a friend or two and prepare to face the extreme Alien Attack at the water park! Want to experience a thrill as you drop down 18 metres, at a pace so fast you’ll have no time to scream? TheXLR8-TOR takes care of that as one of the tallest and steepest water park rides in Asia. Obviously not for the faint-hearted! Even if you’re not the kind to take white-knuckle rides, don’t worry. You’ll enjoy meeting your favourite characters at the park — there are live shows and performances to make you smile and your children whoop in delight and a bar to keep you hydrated.

These two incredible places offer so much to see and do that you’ll want to return for more. Honestly there is no fun like waterpark fun!! So this vacation, grab your swim gear and get ready to slip and slide your way into relaxation and fun by visiting these waterparks with your friends and family!

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