Super Stay: Xandari Resorts, Kerala

We enjoyed a blissful weekend at two of their properties

Escape to paradise at Xandari Resorts, where sandy beaches, tantalising flavours, and unforgettable experiences await. Get ready for a super stay that will leave you craving for more!

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Xandari Pearl: Right by the beach

Xandari Pearl is set in a coconut grove in a sleepy little fishing village called Mararikulam. So, the moment you enter, a sense of relaxation sets in. Clean, white sand and an endless expanse of deep blue are just a few steps away. We spent early mornings strolling on Marari Beach and would return to see the prettiest sunset on the horizon. It was much after our stay that we learned that the resort has been rated one of the top five “Hammock Beaches” in the world by National Geographic.

The Ultimate Houseboat Experience

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A houseboat experience is quintessential to your Kerala visit. The perfect day on a houseboat had been organiSed for us. Right from a grand houseboat to an authentic Malabari lunch, everything was just as we had imagined it; only lovelier. The staff on the houseboat had interesting anecdotes to share with us and even stopped at a small toddy shop along the way. We enjoyed the view of the backwaters from the top of the boat for most of the day.

Lush Green Surroundings

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Lush greenery is a real treat when one lives in a bustling city. The cottages were set amidst a thick surrounding of trees and plants. Listening to the background score of chirping birds while sitting in the small backyard took us back to our childhood days. The resort in itself is so beautiful that one doesn’t really need to venture out!

Authentic Malabari Dishes

When you truly love food like us, it’s tough to settle for anything other than authentic food. Starting with sumptuous breakfasts to all the other meals, we were well-fed at Xandari Resorts. Being a vegetarian foodie when travelling can get a little tricky but the staff at Xandari took care and cooked the most delicious vegetarian dishes, especially during lunch on the houseboat. From vegetarian dishes to decadent coconut seafood curries, we got a good taste of authentic Malabari dishes.

Xandari Harbour: A View To Wake Up For

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The rooms we stayed in at Xandari Harbour had the best view! Waterfront with a picturesque skyline. We only had one morning and night to enjoy this view but hopefully, we’ll get to go back there someday. We sipped on chilled drinks while enjoying the view as we discussed the endless wonders of travel.

The Hip & Happening Neighbourhood

Xandari Harbour is wonderfully located. Cafes and art galleries are within walking distance from the resort. We spent our last day exploring the Jewish Quarter and went to an art gallery that doubled as a cafe. On this day we also visited an old Jewish synagogue for a bite of history. Close to the synagogue was the cutest little lace shop! We spent a little time here learning about the different embroidery styles and indulged in a tiny bit of shopping too.

For more information visit: Xandari

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