A Day in the Life of a Young Lady in Paris

Sounds like a whole lot of fun!

If you’re a romantic at heart, you’ve dreamed of visiting the lovely French capital at least once. But, is life here the same as what they show us in the movies?

TS Editor Shubhra Krishan met the lovely, lively Laurie Trognon in Paris. the young lady wrote a beautiful ode to her home city, spilling lots of local secrets along the way! Over to her :

I am 23, and have lived in Paris all my life. I live in the 17th arondissement in a quiet residential neighbourhood called Villiers, which is sprinkled with parks and French brasseries.

Every morning, I wake up in my apartment and feel lucky to live in Paris. I open the window and look out to a beautiful old Haussmannian building. In the very early hours, we can hear birds, wind, or rain.

Like any other big city, Paris gives you the feeling of being on your own—in a nice way! I start my day with a typical Parisian breakfast of croissant or a chocolate roll with fresh orange juice or a tea. Sometimes, I keep it simple with just bread and butter.

Parisian women are known to be very fashion-conscious, and enjoy sporting avant-garde fashion. I revel a bit in dressing up as well; colourful long dresses are my go-to for summers.

I enjoy going out with my friends in the evenings. My favourite hangouts in the city would be:

Local paris secrets

Best pizza: Paparazzi restaurant (75009)

paris local secrets

     For the best cup of coffee: Kooka Boora (75009) / Angelina (75001)

paris bar o chateau

Best bar: O Chateau (Wine bar)

paris bakery

Best bakery: Ladurée

Some of the restaurants, pubs and bars that the people of Paris love, and you won’t find in most guidebooks are :


La Félicité (75010)

Le Club des 5

Le Club des 5 (75017)

Candelaria paris

Candelaria (75003)


Razowski (75001)

Paris looks the most beautiful during summer time, when everybody is on vacation. People here are very open-minded, the weather is great and you can enjoy parks, terrace, swimming pools. You can really appreciate space at Rosa Bonheur , which is a restaurant in the Buttes Chaumont park.

Rosa Bonheur
Rosa Bonheur

When I am unhappy and need some peace, Paris comforts me with wine! I sit with a glass of wine and a friend at Vert Tulipe; very affordable, great wine, and perfect for forgetting your woes!

Vert Tulipe

I like playing a sport – particularly Aquabiking. It is something very important when you live in a big city… It’s a great way to relax.

When I’m looking for a moment of rest, I go to the NUXE Spa and get a manicure.



The city’s loveliest street is Rue des Francs Bourgeois, a typical Parisian street with trendy but not-too-expensive shops such as Zadig & Voltaire, Isabel Marant. For bargain shopping, I would recommend the area of Chatelet – Les Halles. For high-end purchases, you should head to Printemps Haussmann or Rue Saint Honoré.


In the evening, Paris looks like an old city which is waking up; all brasseries and terrace are full even in winter. My apartment fills up with the sights and sounds of my neighbours who invite their friends over for cocktails.

I don’t have the time to cook, so I usually order food from a website named AlloResto. One of my favourite cuisines for when I can’t cook is Japanese.

A typical Parisian weekend is never complete without a Sunday morning brunch.

All in all, I love my city because this is a city with a real history. The typical Haussmannian buildings are majestic, and I can’t get enough of admiring them!

Note: Young Laurie would be about 33 now, but we checked and all the places she mentioned are still thriving!

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