Restaurant Review: Gatsby, Bangalore

It’s the food that makes it great

By Shubhra Krishan & Preethy Rao Patel

“Bannerghatta? Oh, that’s far!”

I got the same reaction from three friends whom I invited to come with me to review Gatsby, a new Bangalore restaurant. The place sounded intriguing: stunning exterior, 28,000 square feet of space inside, with a well-known frontier cuisine chef and a pan-Asian chef presiding over the kitchen.

But, Bannerghatta.

I, a Bangalore newbie, wondered what the fuss was all about. After all, in a major city, most places tend to be “far” if you really think about it.

Enter Friend Number Four. “Oh we’d love to come along,” she said. With husband and son, for good measure.

It was on a lightly rainy evening that we set off from Koramangala toward the supposedly faraway Bannerghatta. There was the usual Bangalore traffic and a few bumpy patches of road, but we didn’t take forever to reach.

There’s generous parking space outside the restaurant, which is right away a big plus. Upon approaching the building that houses Gatsby, it is impossible to enter without clicking a few videos and selfies from all angles. The place is so opulent, glittery, and interesting!

The interior is no less; very New Yorky/Vegas-like feel. I am told the design company is called VMD. They have done a sterling job, no doubt.

The food is the USP at Gatsby

But hands down the best aspect of Gatsby is the food. Chef Naresh Chandra and Chef Dinesh Sharma are masters of each dish they present. Not a molecule of spice more or less than should be. Everything tastes fresh, and if they maintain these fantastic standards, there’s no stopping them from becoming one of Bangalore’s top-rated restaurants.

Gatsby-Mandarin Velvet Cake

They have a classic menu mix of Indian, Pan Asian, and European dishes on the menu. Now all four of us happened to be vegetarians, and our combined verdict was— outstanding food! The paneer was super-soft and presented beautifully. In fact, everything was presented beautifully. The dumplings were delicious; an absolute must-try. One bite of the raw mango salad and our taste buds were in heaven! Dahi ke kabab were tangy and soft inside, crisp outside. Overall very sharp flavours and everything was spiced exactly as it should be.

Galaoti Kebab
Chicken Kebab

They have some wonderful mocktails—go for the orange one. Simple but divine. And on the cocktail front, you’ll be in love before you take the first sip, thanks to the sassy presentation. Take a look:

Gin & Tonic
Royal Dynasty

Gatsby, Bangalore, has visual appeal, perfectly complemented by high-quality food. A wholesome evening is guaranteed. Don’t let the distance deter you, please!

Gatsby, ASR Group, Survey No. 23/1, 1st floor, Bannerghatta Main Rd, Arekere,
Bengaluru, Karnataka 560076
Timing: 12 Noon – 1 AM
Valet parking available

Note: This is not a paid promotion.

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