Review: Daysie- All Day Casual Bar, Bengaluru

One of the city’s hottest pub-and-grubs!

Oh to be lounging in sunny Bengaluru’s heart, MG Road, and enjoying great food and drinks with your friends! The Daysie experience gives you just that while hosting you at one of the most stunning pubs in the city.

By Ayush Kurundwad

When you walk into Daysie, you walk into a world of lazy delight.

Nestled in the heart of the city, Daysie is a unique experience. It’s spread over 10,000 sq ft with seating for about 400 guests.

The Interiors: A Contemporary Fairytale

You can wander along the stone-paved path surrounded by lush greenery, and enjoy an al-fresco dining experience. Once inside, a dramatic staircase leads to a mezzanine level. The ceiling and floors are intricately designed to enhance the ambience. Vibrant colours, fresh textures, and playful lighting give Daysie’s interior a contemporary and eye-catching look.

You can choose to dine at a rustic yet modern bar seating or go for a dreamy date-night vibe with a table-for-two. Still not your vibe? Don’t worry, you can also choose outdoor seating amidst greenery. Again, the emphasis on different dining spaces really makes for a luxurious experience.

The Food: Delicious Diversity

With a menu as diverse as the one at Daysie, picking a few must-try dishes is quite the task. You’ll find food inspired from all corners of the world here. In the mood for some lip-smacking chaats? You can try the “Chatori Chaats” section of their menu, which is sure to leave you craving for more. Have you ever heard of salmon in chaat? Well at Daysie, you will.

Salmon Papdi Chaat at Daysie
Salmon Papdi Chaat

Want something richer and moreish? Daysie’s Gosht Biriyani will make sure all your meat cravings are satisfied with the choicest cuts of goat layered between delicious long-grained Basmati rice.

Gosht Biriyani at Daysie
Gosht Biriyani

If you want something different altogether, then you can try out Daysie’s elegant Italian offerings. Pizzas, pasta, risottos… You name it and it’s there. Several handcrafted artisanal pasta varieties are available in interesting and authentic combinations.

Beets and Ricotta Rigatoni at Daysie
Beets and Ricotta Rigatoni

I can go on and on about how extensive the menu is but then the post will go on too long. However, before moving on from the food section, the “decadent deserts,” as they put it, deserve a special mention. Not only are they delicious and complex in their flavour profiles, but they’re also a treat to look at. Indeed, pretty deserts have become quite the trend today, and it might be hard to meet the bar. Daysie certainly excels in my opinion. You can decide for yourself.

Rose and Saffron Tres Leches at Daysie
Rose and Saffron Tres Leches
Textures of Coffee at Daysie
Textures of Coffee

The Drinks: A Tipsy Affair

Quite like the deserts, the drinks here are a treat to your eyes as well as your tastebuds. Daysie calls its cocktail menu “Distinctly Daysie,” and it is easy to see why. The vibrant colours catch your eye instantly, and everything about them feels easy and yet intricate.

You can have the classics such as a California Sunshine (a must-try for lovers of fruity undertones). Or, you can try their originals such as the Banaras-inspired “Banarasiya,” a tasteful blend of India’s “paan” or betel leaf, in the form of a cocktail.

California Sunshine- cocktail
California Sunshine
Banarasiya- cocktail

If you find yourself on MG Road on a sunny afternoon or a (classic) windy Bengaluru evening, you know where to go now!

Daysie, Ground Floor, No. 18, Ramanashree Arcade, M.G. Road, Craig Park
Layout, Bangalore 560001
Timing: 12:00 Noon – 12:30 AM
Reservations: +9180 4725 0000
Valet Parking Available

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