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While you explore Madrid, you are sure to be struck by the street art. Now how about this—next time you go, you could actually create your own masterpiece in the comfort of a studio, with a serving of Spanish treats on the side!

Sounds interesting? Allow us to introduce you to Soho Art Madrid, an entertainment art studio located in the historical Vistillas Gardens. It is a place to discover or rediscover your love for the paint palette. Sit down and relax with a wine glass. Create an artwork with guidance from the professionals.

Soho Art Madrid

Run by Corey and Miguel, Soho Art’s two-hour painting workshop is ideal even for time-strapped tourists. Besides creating your own artwork, you’ll enjoy a delicious tapas platter and wine. Plus you get to meet the locals. Language barrier? You’re sorted—the sessions are bilingual, conducted in both English and Spanish. No clue how to paint? No worries—this is a beginner-level class.

How did the idea come about?

The thought of combining art classes with food is fantastic, we think. Corey was the Head Chef and creator of a food blog called “Tapas Translated.” He has always been keen on hosting people and entertaining them. After working as a bilingual art teacher of Science and English teacher for 8 years, he studied Masters in Bilingual Education and Multicultural Studies at the Universidad de Alcalá de Henares.

Miguel has been managing restaurants for over 10 years. He pursued his artistic skills alongside. As a self-taught artist with over 40 years of painting experience, his work has been exhibited all over Spain and has got recognition from the UK and The USA. When they decided to go into business together, the idea was obvious to them: an experience fusing art, entertainment, and hospitality. Thus, Soho Art Madrid was born.

Sip & Paint Sessions and more…

The Sip & Paint workshop at Soho Art Madrid is a painting venture. It often turns out as a revelation for secret talents. Hosted on weekends, the workshop teaches guests how to recreate an image selected from the studio’s existing art collection. Wonderful paintings adorn the studio walls, inspiring guests to pick up the brush. The most repainted among them include the Cherry Blossoms, the Sunflowers, the Sailing Boat, the Flamingos, Rainbow Lips, and many more. The guests wear multi-functional aprons (for both paint and food) whilst creating their masterpiece.

Soho Art Madrid

The tapas are usually served with cured hams, national cheese, fresh fruit, and hummus. They change the arrangement periodically.

If you are not a fan of tapas, get yourself a Pancake and Paint Brunch arranged. The painting section stays exactly the same. But, a plate of pancakes with fresh kiwis, oranges, blueberries, and banana slices, with a cherry-topping will be served. A side of whipped cream completes the healthy treat. And, as you paint intricately mimicking the installed art, along with the tinkling of brushes, you can also hear the clinking of silver forks. Wreath-making, art exhibitions and Charity sessions are also handled by the studio. At the end of the day, you are sure to walk home with a bunch of good friends and memorable moments.

That’s also exactly what Soho Art Madrid wants from these sessions. Not the final artwork, but the incredible experience of the process matters more. Above all, they believe that everyone is an artist. With the right tools, instruction, and environment, anything is possible!

Art on Madrid’s Streets

The outdoor sessions are yet another amazing feature. Many of their kids’ workshops are hosted on the artistic streets of Madrid. You can imagine the fun: Children painting outdoors with their fascination for open grounds and inclination to mischief. It’s a pleasure to just watch from a distance. They had planned to host a few sessions in the El Retiro Park, Madrid, but the pandemic left these plans in ruins. Yet, the hosts are determined to make it happen. Once the brushes are safe to function outside, these sessions would hit the streets.

Soho Art Madrid

As admirers of street art, we asked Corey and Miguel about their favourite street art. They told us about the Lavapies Street in Madrid. They even pointed out a particular piece called “La Colaboración de Okuda con Bordalo II”: a mix of paint and recyclable materials.

To offer an opportunity and relaxing environment for their guests to experience art: That is the motto of Soho Art Madrid. So, when you visit Madrid and want to reboot your painting skills, step into Soho Art Madrid, and take a Sip and Paint.

Photos from : Soho Art Madrid

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