The Cocoon Project, Dharamshala

A mesmerising mountain retreat in Himachal Pradesh

Imagine a place where artists from different fields and backgrounds converge. Together, they give expression to ideas that better the lives of those around them. Music, art, and philosophy merge here, creating an environment of joy and harmony.

This place exists. And it is called ‘The Cocoon Project.’ Over to Fidel Saba, who runs it:

About the space

We are an art project that celebrates nature, music, people, and their ideas. Located in Dharamkot, Himachal Pradesh, the property is set up in a 108-year-old colonial building consisting of a lounge, library, and lush open spaces with outdoor seating. It is 800 m. away from the main square in McLeod Ganj, yet well away from the chaos.

Spread over 6-and-a-half acres, the space consists of lovingly curated studio apartments that have their unique personality. They all have a queen-sized bed with an 8-inch mattress, bathroom, kitchenette, and dining area with a solid wood dining table that can convert into a workstation and a lounge couch. Pick up a book from our cafe library and read in your favourite corner overlooking the picturesque forest. If you’re lucky, you might get the apartment that overlooks the Indrahar Pass.

Our private rooms come equipped with a queen-sized bed, an attached bathroom, and a balcony that opens to the magical forest. Also, we provide a kettle, a heater, and a hairdryer.

the cocoon project

Our Story

The name ‘The Cocoon Project’ is indicative of the ever-changing feeling that this space invokes. During the inception, names were being thrown around and the word ‘Cocoon’ stuck with us and felt apt. We added the word ‘Project’ recently as we have seen this place transform daily.

As you enter the gates, you are welcomed into a space consisting of a heritage building that was home to His Holiness The Dalai Lama. Within a few minutes, you are transported from the bustling McLeod Ganj square to a space of peace and tranquillity overlooking the valleys. The view stretches to Pong Lake as the sun sets on its horizon.

The Experience

Once you have freshened up, spend some time exploring our rooms and cafe. You’ll see our Music Studio, which is a private space for us to collaborate and host musicians from around the globe. Our outdoor seating area will come into view on your right and the private rooms are on your left during your descent.

The cafe is situated in the midst of greenery. The idea of building a house inside a garden instead of the other way round will enchant you. Follow the sound of music and the smell of freshly baked cakes and you will reach the delicious coffee nook. Make your way to our lounge, furnished with some of the most comfortable couches. Or waltz into our ever-growing Library and grab a book as you make your way past some of the finest art pieces by renowned artists such as Monet, Van Gough, and Degas. You could also play a game of chess sitting under a chandelier if that’s your way of life.

The days pass by quickly here and soon you will find the moon shining down and illuminating the forest around you. Towards the rear end of the café, there’s a cabin furnished with a fine wood table and attractive chairs that will call out to you to take a seat.

the cocoon project

We built our space on the love that we share for music. We express that love by hosting events on Saturdays. Prepare to enjoy some of the best Techno music in the country. Needless to say, if pure beats give you palpitations, then be sure to pack in your ear muffs!

For many, The Cocoon Project is a safety net to fall back on. A place that brings comfort and happiness to their hearts.

Fidel Saba: Author, Footballer, Dreamer, Mover

There’s a place you come from and then there’s a place where you belong. After having travelled all around Himachal, I finally stopped at Dharamkot. A couple of weeks into my trip, I came across this place and instantly fell in love with it.

the cocoon project fidel saba

This dreamy retreat in the hills reminds us of a little Shimla secret we want to share with you!

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