Review: Thin Tony’s Pizza, Bengaluru

The ultimate in Italian comfort food.

By Shubhra Krishan

It rained heavily on the night I headed to Thin Tony’s Pizza. The cab sailed across a sea of smudged visuals along Indiranagar, Bengaluru. An incredibly alive sort of sea, as if all the colourful life inside it had bubbled to the surface. Ever noticed how the whites and greys of daytime dissolve into artistic reds and pinks and neons, just like the evening sky? But I digress.

Thin Tony’s isn’t called that just for the sake of sounding funky—it’s a combo of the names behind it. “Thin” from owner and experienced restaurateur Nithin Kannan and “Tony” from “Global Pizza Man” Anthony Falco. And that’s about all the relationship the place has to the word “thin.” Because, as their concept note explains, “Pretty much all Italian-American dishes are comfort foods. They don’t judge. They’re not meant to be eaten in the company of anyone who would judge you, whether you’ve got a dribble of melted cheese dangling from your chin or a fleck of spinach stuck to your teeth, whether you’re taking third helpings of spaghetti and meatballs over a bad breakup or crying into your pizza crust over a lost job.”

My companion for the evening, wedding planner Sakshi Kohli, walked in, and we kickstarted the evening with a fabulously fruity red wine sangria. Looking back, this was just the first in a series of delicious surprises that we would experience throughout the dinner.

I say “surprise” because frankly, we hadn’t gone expecting much besides decent pizza in a casual space.

But here came the baked potato skin, utterly photogenic with its strategically spooned dollop of cream. And then the chicken starter, which had Sakshi shaking her head in delighted disbelief.

Loaded Baked Potato Skins

We are not fans of fried food, but the fried mozzarella served on a bed of bright red sauce, was so delicious we would order it the next time we go. And believe us that’s a big thing to say!

Melt-in-the-mouth fried mozzarella

“Our pizza is in the Neapolitan style, but of course, since we are not in Naples (which is sad), we won’t call it a Neapolitan pizza, per se,” the owners tell you. They needn’t put out that disclaimer. Their pizzas are proof of ‘what’s in a name.’

Incredible wood-fired pizza here!

Very few get the crust so right, just the right amount of crispiness. I get what Sakshi meant when she struggled to describe the buffalo chicken pizza; “it had a distinct taste that sets it apart from other chicken pizzas you’ll ever have—you’ll just love it.”

Thin Tony’s bakes its bread in-house

Of all that we tried, the dessert was the cherry on top, and this after having loved everything we tried.


What we didn’t try: Chicken Parmesan, Fettuccine Bolognese, Alfredo, Shrimp Scampi, Chicken Piccata, and of course meatballs! Which of course calls for another visit, and then again.

A cool, comfortable dining experience

Verdict: Rainy night or sunny afternoon, this is a lovely, chilled-out place where you can spend a few cosy hours and forget about your dream of staying or becoming thin.

With inputs from Sakshi Kohli

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