Review: Suzy Q by 1522, Bengaluru

Brings something new to the table.

By Shubhra Krishan

When you hear about a place thrice in the space of a day upon visiting a city, you know it’s gotta be special. So is this place worth all the hype? There’s only one way to find out.

My very first glance at the exterior of Suzy Q hints at the interesting experience ahead. The month is February, as great a time to be in Bangalore as any. I walk in, and the words “leafy,” and “vibrant” pop into my head.

I pick a two-seater “love booth” that faces the gate, so I can see my old friend from college walk in. She does, and it is nice to see her face light up with delight at the sight of the greens and the colours all around. This, I’m sure, is how everyone looks when they walk in—might be a good idea to capture their expressions for a promo-collage.

We decide to move indoors for lunch, and perch ourselves on high chairs. Before we scan the menu on our phones, we allow our eyes to scan the surroundings and appreciate the delicious decor. Lest I should miss out on a detail, I’ll let the restaurant’s own concept note, with slight edits from me, describe it:

“The entryway to the building boasts irresistible outdoor vibe. The entrance pathway is canopied with foliage, starring a 15 ft  tree that screens you from the afternoon sun. Tall lamp posts and wicker chandeliers create a timeless colonial vibe. Bright yellow and bold red make up the fit and finish to reflect the bright vibe of the place.

Once we move indoors, an imposing balcony with a Roman façade for the DJ to pump up the adrenaline overlooks the seating area. Think high energy pub, experimental seating that catalyses communication, walls that play canvas, and a generous infusion of greenery—you could be in Rome while sitting in the heart of Bangalore!

Classy and sassy would be the perfect adjectives here: they aimed to blend fine dine seating with an upscale pub vibe for a larger crowd, and they’ve done it with panache.

The Food

SQ’s tapas-inspired menu is as colourful as its décor. You’ll be spoilt for choice —coastal delicacies, North Indian, dhungar and tandoor delicacies, gourmet burgers, pizza, Asian and continental munchies; take your pick!

Local ingredients + traditional cooking methods and a great range of cocktails: they’ve hit the sweet spot alright. My pretty-looking grapefruit cocktail is served with an accompaniment of chakna, served in a bhelpuri-style cone—roasted peanuts and crunchy black gram, spiked with a naughty onion-tomato masala. It sets the tone for a light, playful lunch composed of a vegetarian and a non-vegetarian platter.

There’s supreme comfort in the feel of a melty hara bhara kebab scooped up with a zesty dip. The tandoori mushrooms are deliciously smoky and nicely spiced. The way my friend nibbles at her butter garlic shrimp crackers tells me more than any words could.

Small plates, big plates, tandoori, coastal…from Mangalorean to Mediterranean and pork belly to pasta, Suzy Q puts you in a delicious dilemma. “Boring” is obviously an anathema to them, considering how much thought and effort they’ve put in to create twists on traditional foods. Examples include bhuna gosht tacos, pasta in Creole sauce, Khau Gali Tawa Pulao—you get the idea! You can pick from a variety of cooking styles, too: Casie-culture, lacto-fermentation, smoking (Dhungar), and slow cooking methods such as braising, dum-cooking, and much more.

As expected, the creativity extends to their desserts, too. Ever tried Rasmalai Tiramisu? it is as delectable as it sounds!

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