Review: BLR Brewing Co., Bengaluru

Full marks to this charming resto-brewery in the heart of the city.

By Sakshi Kohli

JP Nagar, with its growing number of eateries and breweries, just added one more jewel to its crown. For the beer and bar-loving Bangaloreans, BLR Brewing Co. is finally within city limits: a reason to rejoice.

Image Credits: BLR Brewing Co.

With its rustic, raw decor and casual, laid-back vibe, one can spend hours here, lounging, talking, and indulging in the lovely beers and food with such diverse flavours! Unlike their other two outlets, this one is perched on the 5th floor of a building which you could miss easily, but once inside, you aren’t leaving any time soon.

Set up over two floors, with separate smoking and non-smoking areas, this outlet is perfect for a lazy, slightly rainy afternoon. One of the best things about this place’s ambience is how thought out their music playlist and volume levels are – just perfect to enjoy it and still be able to talk to the people at your table. The staff gets a 10 pointer for their attentiveness, hospitality and quick service.

We tried their extensive beer menu (8 of them) and we are fans already! They have something for everyone. For light beer lovers, Belgian Wit, Hefeweizen and Alphonso (no, it doesn’t taste like mango juice!) should be your go-to beers. For those with a more substantial, slightly bitter palette, Stout, English IPA and Farmhouse are for you. If you like experimenting, try their new launch – Kokum. With its sharp taste, it isn’t for everyone though.

For a laid-back vibe in the heart of Bangalore

Soho Beach Bum (cocktail) and BLR Exotic (mocktail) happen to be their special curations and for the ones who like their drinks on the sweeter side, we would totally recommend.

BLR Brewing Co.

Food at BLR

Coming to the food, which was undoubtedly the highlight of our whole experience! Again, BLR Brewing Co. has something for everyone. For non-spicy food lovers – Butter Garlic Prawns, Vietnamese Fish and Tai Pai Chicken are a must-try. For the ones who can take in a little bit of the spice – Curry Patta Chicken will have you by surprise. The highlight, however, was Babycorn Kurkure. Contrary to popular opinion, you won’t need French Fries anymore if you have this Babycorn Kurkure in your life!

BLR Brewing Co.

While their appetizer menu is extensive and you will be spoilt for choice, their main course menu is limited. We decided to go in for their Indian food and Murgh Rizalla Handi with Garlic Naan was our way of sealing the deal on this scrumptious afternoon. The flavours were unique and the chicken, was perfectly cooked.

BLR Brewing Co.

Just when we were ready to take off to get in a snooze session after all the gluttony, the staff requested us to try their Choco Lava Cake too. Needless to say, we sincerely thanked them for not letting us leave without trying this fresh, chocolaty piece of heaven!

10/10 recommended, especially for laid-back weekend afternoons/early evenings.

The writer lives and works in Bangalore. The views expressed are her own.

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