A Great Gift To Buy in Vienna, Austria

A wonderful suggestion from local lady Nina Wildzeisz


Visiting Vienna and wondering what to buy for your folks back home? Here’s a beautiful gift idea from someone who lives there! Over to Nina Wildzeisz, our Vienna Correspondent

Vienna At Night

Vienna is not only the city of sweets, it is also the city of wine. Vienna is the only capital city that grows enough wine within its city limits to make it worth mentioning. Wine, especially white wine, is omnipresent in the city: It is enjoyed in the city’s many bars and restaurants or on the edge of town in the famous wine taverns (called “Heurigen”) that offer wine from their own vineyards.


If you like to bring home one of Austria ́s high quality wine, take “Grüner Veltliner” (Austria ́s most popular sort of wine) or “Gemischter Satz” (Vienna ́s most popular sort of wine). There are many Vinotheques and Wine Bars all over the city, for example “Meinl’s Weinbar” or “Wein & Co” bar. The prices for good white wines range from 12 €. Also, supermarkets sell high quality wine for an even better price.

Vienna wine

Wine Glasses

 Wine Glasses of the brand “Das Goldene Wiener Herz” (DGWH): They are very hip and popular souvenirs of Vienna – and definitely not kitsch. The glasses make reference to old Heurigen traditions (“Heurigen” are the famous Viennese wine taverns). Wine used to be served in small stemless glasses, whose edge was decorated with a green vine pattern. On the glasses of the “Das Goldene Wiener Herz”, these vine patterns are finished in real gold. You get them in nice 2 or 4 glass packages at the DGWH store in the 7th district of Vienna as well as in many museum shops or hotel shops.

Das Goldene Wiener Herz

Photo credit : Servus

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