Meet Dipmoina Dowarah From Majuli

He inspires us to travel for the rest of our lives

Dipmoina Dowarah, born and brought up in a small town called Moran in Assam, is a man after our hearts. Most of us have post-retirement dreams, but he has declared his in no uncertain terms: “If you go through my blog, you will know that I plan to travel the entire world as I reach 60 years. I wish to break the concept of retiring at 60 years, and instead would start something new and uncommon as I step into 60!”

After a 10-year stint with the corporate world, his new journey started in 2014, with a risky Athu-Popu trek in Arunachal Pradesh . From then on, there was no stopping him. Today, Dipmoina lives in Majuli, Assam, where he runs Okegiga Homes, a lovely resort that attracts travellers from all over the world.

Here’s a glimpse of his serene yet adventurous life:

What is a fulfilling life for you?

Fulfilment is a state of mind. We often see people having property, money and many other things that are not common or easily available to others, but still they do not seem to be fulfilled or happy. On the other hand, we see many people with very little life possessions but still they carry a satisfying smile on their faces. Fulfilment in fact is ‘contentment’. It comes from a deeper understanding in one’s own mind.

For me, fulfilment is being content with whatever I am and have at my disposal. It does not mean that I do not desire to be more than what I am today or to have more than what I have. Yes, I do desire for more or something new, but I do not allow my desires to turn into feverishness, because feverishness cannot bring you mental peace and stability, it hinders you from growing inside.

I desire something, which my mind and soul agrees upon, that speaks with my passion, and is related to my duties and responsibilities as a person of society and family. In the next 10 years hopefully, I would have one or two extensions of my present concept of Okegiga Homes in other countries.  

dipmoina dowarah majuli

You have made Majuli your home. Tell us why you love it.  

I am so attached to Majuli that everything I think, plan and do is right from here . It is so beautiful and peaceful. I spent my childhood in a small place which was at that time very lush with nature. It stayed with me, as I am attracted to such places even today. Majuli is all greenery, with lots of water bodies, rivers and wildlife. The air is fresh, no industrial pollution, very little traffic…away from the chaotic lifestyle. Moreover, the people here are beautiful in their minds. There is very low or almost no crime in Majuli.

At my small resort, Okegiga Homes, where I live now, I am surrounded by tiny woods from the three sides and a small river by the other side. The river, Kherkuti Xuti, also called Lohit River, is an anabranch of the mighty Brahmaputra. I sleep here listening to the chirping of the birds and wake up in the early morning with the same sounds. Walking along the river, evening or morning always makes me feel new. Practicing yoga and meditation in this environment connects me deeper to life. There is a lot more I wish to speak about Majuli that made me fall in love with it. This is just a small part of it.

dipmoina dowarah assam majuli

Paint us a picture of Majuli. It sounds so beautiful!

Come to Majuli for a few more days, not one or two. Roam the island with bicycle, enter any tribal house, you will be entertained with traditional liquor and food. Sunrise and sunset at any corner of the island are worth capturing. If you get lost here, there is nothing to worry about. And yes, you can count every night how many shooting stars you see.

dipmoina dowarah  majuli okegiga homes
Okegiga-Homes, Majuli

Majuli is already a major tourist destination in Assam. I can say, in Assam next to Kaziranga it is the destination where the maximum number of foreign tourists visit every year. The rich natural beauty, calm and pollution free environment away from the modern chaotic lifestyle, its tribal population, centuries old Vaishnavite culture and traditions are. a major draw for people not only globally but from within Assam as well.

Majuli gives you a total feel of peace and happiness when you stay here. There was a time just a few years back when the road conditions were very poor, but now coming to Majuli is much easier than before and almost all its roads are in a better condition. So there must not be any delay; when you plan your itinerary next.  

Dipmoina Dowarah spoke to Prabal Phukon of Travel Secrets Magazine

Listening to Dipmoina talk about Majuli, we felt like the place exudes peace and serenity. Read more about Majuli, and some of the other most peaceful places in India!

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