The Majestic Rhine Falls of Switzerland

Paola Peruzzo describes their beauty and might

By Paola Peruzzo

There is a place in Switzerland from which you can see a unique and breathtaking panorama, immersed in the green of the woods and in unspoiled nature. The Rhine Falls, the largest in Europe, offer a grandiose spectacle with a height of about 25 meters and a width of 150 meters, with a rush of water at 700,000 litres per second!

One of the great things about this magnificent waterfall is that it is very accessible. It is located in the north of Switzerland, on the border between Schaffhausen and Zurich.

The tourist service in the area is well organised. It offers the visitor the opportunity to visit the falls from three viewpoints and observation platforms. These lie between Laufen Castle and the Rhine Falls (Belvedere, Känzeli and Fischnetz).

rhine falls switzerland

The waterfall comes incredibly close to all viewing platforms. You can literally touch the water on your feet, with the splashes coming your way!

One can reach the Belvedere without climbing up any steps, via a glass lift. It is also accessible with wheelchairs and strollers. A truly exciting experience!

If looking at the Rhine Falls from the banks of the river is not enough for you, you can choose from four different boat rides (from April to October) for an even more magical experience.

rhine falls switzerland

I highly recommend the thrilling 30-minute ride, with audio commentary available in multiple languages. Here, you can enjoy the refreshing breeze, river views, and left-hand descent with the power and roar of the water up close.

Our correspondent for Italy, Paola Peruzzo lives near the beautiful city of Vicenza, in northern Italy. She is a Clinical Pedagogist and works in the field of corporate HR consultancy.

Always enthusiastic and curious to discover unknown places, she loves traveling by camper and sailing boat. Paola is passionate about photography, classical and world music and fascinated by oriental culture.

Featured video courtesy – Panorama JL

The Rhine Falls remind us of this famous waterfall that has so much to offer – things to do, and places to see!

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