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Why Do Planes Fly At 36,000 Feet?

We asked a pilot

Commercial jets can fly comfortably at 41,000 feet or more. And at that altitude, not just speed, fuel consumption is less because the air is less dense. But there are a number of reasons why we choose to fly lower

At times, the altitude is unavailable due to traffic i.e. some other aircraft on the same route has already been allotted the higher altitude.

Airspace is carefully managed to ensure the safe separation of aircraft. Sometimes, higher altitudes may already be allocated to other planes on the same route, leaving the lower altitude as the only available option. This ensures a safe distance between aircraft and reduces the risk of collisions. Hence, planes fly at 36000 feet!

Advantages of lower flying altitudes

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There could be powerful headwinds at a higher altitude as compared to a lower altitude. In that case, you lose the advantage in terms of speed and fuel consumption. Sometimes, when you have a full load, the aircraft may be incapable of flying at say 40000 ft (due to aircraft performance), so you maintain a much lower altitude.

Aircraft performance is another factor to consider. Depending on factors such as weight, temperature, and aircraft capabilities, flying at extremely high altitudes may not be feasible or efficient. When the aircraft is fully loaded or if its performance is limited, it may be more practical to maintain a lower altitude for the duration of the flight.

Regardless of the altitude, flying offers a unique perspective on the world below. When planes fly at 36000 feet, passengers can sit back, relax, and enjoy the aerial views of landscapes, cities, and natural wonders. And while turbulence can occur during flights, it is a normal part of flying and does not pose a significant safety risk.

planes fly at 36000 feet

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Sorted? Sit back, relax and enjoy the world below from 36000 feet! Curious to know whether you should shiver when a plane hits turbulence? We got you!

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