10 Terrific Monsoon Getaways in India

Go take a hike!

Pack a light lunch, put on a trench coat and head on a monsoon hike – it’s the best way to welcome the rains.

Embrace the monsoon season near Mumbai with these terrific treks that will take you on a journey through lush forests, gushing waterfalls, and scenic landscapes. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced trekker, there’s something for everyone.

As you trek through the monsoon-drenched landscapes, don’t forget to embrace the sensory delights that come with the rainy season. The earthy aroma of wet soil, the soothing sound of raindrops, and the vibrant green hues of the surrounding foliage create a magical atmosphere.

Fantastic monsoon treks around Mumbai

Try the trek from Vasai to the waterfall in Tungareshwar. The flattish path lies between thick woods and is a great way of being close to nature without being too far from the city. This refreshing and relatively easy trek allows you to connect with nature.

Monsoon treks around Mumbai

The adventurous can either consider Chanderi for a difficult but worthwhile two-day hike or embark on the gradual climb to Kalsubai, Sahyadri’s highest peak.

Going to the hill station of Matheran this season? Skip the toy train or road and trek through the Garbett Plateau instead. You’ll see great views as soon as you begin.

You can cycle towards Vasai to the beachfront of Arnala or you could take the route from Alibaug to Murud Janjira that goes through Korlai fort and small hospitable villages.

Monsoon treks around Mumbai

Another activity that is best enjoyed in the monsoons, especially in Maharashtra, is
Waterfall Rappelling. Kune waterfall near Lonavla can be accessed after a two-hour
long trek and once there, through a certified agency and guide, one can start rappelling
at a height of 75-80 feet.

Kondana caves near Karjat are a good spot too. For those interested, rain-fed rivers like Kundalika and Pej offer opportunities for rafting.

Monsoon treks around Mumbai

Monsoon Magic in the Rest of India

As most national parks close entry to visitors come rains, you could drive to the small town of Ramnagar in Uttarakhand from Delhi and hike through the buffer zone of Corbett National Park. It’s highly recommended for wildlife enthusiasts who can learn about the flora, spot birds and animals from a close distance, and enjoy the trek all the way till Nainital. Rishikesh and Kasauli are great bases for some short monsoon treks as well and so is B.R. Hills in Karnataka.

Cycling through the countryside also makes for an extremely pleasant activity during monsoon. Karnataka provides plenty of traffic-free, scenic routes to cyclists. The Bangalore-Mysore Highway is a great way to start and you can cycle onwards to Ramnagara, a small town about 50 km from the city known for its 400 year old Big Banyan Tree, and Manchinbele Dam.

If you can, however, manage to take a few days off work, skip all the above options and escape to Wayanad in Kerala instead. Whether it be a trek in the drizzle from Kalpetta to Soochipara falls, gliding through the backwaters or cycling across stretches of tea gardens and forests – you’ll have plenty to do and thank the rain gods for.

Aloke Bajpai, the founder of The Explorers India, spoke to TS Correspondent Sarita Santoshini

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