MO de Movimiento, Madrid

A concept restaurant, where good food meets great design.

By Andrea Lucy Roberts

Andrea Lucy Roberts, a Madrid local, loves to try different restaurants and places in and around the city. Among her current favourites is Mo de Movimiento, located 5 minutes from the famous Sorolla Museum.

“Mo de Movimiento offers a new take on the restaurant business – it’s a project that aims to stay true to a few simple principles,” says Andrea. “Sustainable high-quality organic ingredients sourced in Spain from small producers, the use of reclaimed materials in the restaurant’s construction and furnishings.”

As soon as you walk in, you’ll notice a wood-fired oven with an enticing aroma, then to your left, you’ll see a legion of cooks at work through a transparent glass window, and what strikes you the most is how pristine, stylish, and simple everything looks, from waiters to interiors.

Soon after, you arrive at a wide covered patio where a vertical garden coexists alongside orange trees brought from Valencia, This provides a splash of color next to the massive “botijos” (clay containers) that keep the air fresh in the summer and hang from the ceiling like magnificent works of art.

A wide covered patio with a vertical garden coexists alongside orange trees.

In addition, the kitchen is a center of sustainability: MO de Movimiento provides conscious food, partnering with local farms to provide a handcrafted, eco-friendly, and high-quality menu including farm-to-table food products. MO de Movimiento by Proyectos Conscientes also provides integration and professional development possibilities for persons who have difficulty finding work, as well as support for professionals and artisans, as well as residents The parmigiana, the pizzas, and the “Buñuelos”, are a few of the items one must try.

Image source – Pinterest.

MO de Movimiento is yet another excellent example of a positive impact, with the reuse of building materials, employee uniforms, and furnishings. Plus, don’t forget, it’s a location where you can eat well, with menu items sourced from wild Iberian pigs, ecologically grazed poultry, organic orchards in Toledo, Zaragoza, Motril, and La Vera, ecological stone-ground flours from Sigüenza and Zamora, and so on.

They have done a fantastic job on the interior of the place – I love the monumental elements like the huge wall of steel and glass at the back that completely swings open in good weather, making an inside/outside space with the beautiful back terrace. I recommend phoning to book if you are able – if you book online, you can’t guarantee where your table will be. Although the whole restaurant is very attractive, you’ll want to sit at the back! And do book; it’s a popular place and I don’t want you to be disappointed!”

The food is delicious and well priced – my favorite dish was braised leeks with romesco sauce (tomatoes, ground almonds, garlic. The pizzas also looked so good, fresh out of the pizza ovens you’ll see on your way in. They sell their own bread too  – I took some home and it was fantastic.

Veggie-friendly, spacious, great service from informed servers – this is a place to go both for special occasions or just for a little treat.

MO de Movimiento just received the Dezeen Awards 2021 in the category of sustainable interior design.

Andrea spoke to Priyaanka Sinha from Team Travel Secrets

The beauty of Madrid lies in the fact that it houses luxurious eateries like this, as well as cosy, homely taverns, like the ones we stumbled upon!

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